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H & B Creations - Calendar Page

Have you thought of making Business, Community, Church, or Family calendars but didn't know how to go about it? Look no farther. We can put wings to your project. You may personalize calendars with your birthdays, anniversaries, school / church / business activities, etc. Check out the various sets that are available. Do you have photos / pictures that you would like to use for your calendar? We would love to help set something up for you.


Click on the links below to preview the calendar pictures for most sets.

Mission Pictures

Mission Set 1
Mission Set 2
Mission Set 3
Mission Set 4
Mission Set 5
Sketches Set 6

Other Pictures

Scenes from around the World Set 7
Birds and Butterflies Set 9
Wildlife Paintings with Sayings Set 10
Inventions Set 12
Flowers Set 13

Bible Verse Pictures

Bible Verse A Set 8
Bible Verse B Set 8
Bible Verse C Set 8
Bible Verse D Set 8
Bible Verse E Set 8
Wildlife Painting Bible Verse Set 11

Scrapbook Pictures

Scrapbook Set 14 A

Scrapbook Set 14 B

Scrapbook Set 14 C

Scrapbook Set 14 D with songs

Scrapbook Set 14 E

Songs by Geraldine Koehn

Inspirational Songs by G Koehn Set 15 A

Inspirational Songs by G Koehn Set 15 B

Inspirational Songs by G Koehn Set 15 C

Inspirational Songs by G Koehn Set 15 D

Paintings by Richard Nervig

Country Paintings Set 16 A

Country Paintings with sayings Set 16 B

More Paintings Set 17 A

More Paintings with sayings Set 17 B

Yet More Paintings Set 18 A

Yet More Paintings with sayings Set 18 B