Canadian Wedding Planning Guide

We now offer the wedding planning guide books formerly available at Sunrise planning guide book

Overview of the Canadian Wedding Planning Guide

This guide is designed to cover most areas of a Canadian Church of God in Christ, Mennonite wedding. It may also be used for in the USA-but bear in mind there may be some slight differences in practise. Many items listed are optional; use what is needed for your situation and cross out the unnecessary items. Each section is designed as a checklist so you can mark off the items as they are completed. Each page has plenty of space to add your own items as needed and to make notes as you go along. As it is binder style it is easy to add pages / page protectors wherever and whenever you need it. Take this guide with you as you shop so you can make notes and compare prices etc.

Divider tabs contain the following sections:

First things:
Helpful tips for handling the stress of wedding planning
Check off list of priority items to get your planning started
Church rental information
Other tips and suggestions for you to think about
A pocket for storing all the receipts from the wedding
Invitation Guest lists:
Pointers and instructions on ordering wedding invitations
Suggestions on how to make your guest lists
Keepsake items:
Ordering ribbons - Gives tips on how soon to order.
Bible / Flowers:
Suggestions on Bibles to get for the groom
Gives information about ordering flowers
Food Committee / Menus:
Gives space for you to record menus.
Working together with the food committee to plan for the wedding.
Shopping Lists:
A pocket for storing fabric samples
Several check-off shopping lists for the different parts of the wedding
Bridal Shower:
Shower guest list
Courtesy Committee:
A list for the courtesy committee to keep track of which guest is being hosted where.
A page to record what songs you want for the choir, group songs, etc. and who will be involved with each item.
Suggestion for the order of the service – this may vary by congregation.
A page to record your final copy of the wedding program.
Friends / Servers:
A place to record who sits on front bench, ushers, gift carriers, choir leader etc.
A page to list those who will be serving at the wedding etc.
Seating Arrangement:
Pages to list the seating arrangement so that the ushers know who has special seating –also space for a diagram if needed.
Count Down:
Various lists organised in a count down fashion. What to do 6 weeks before the wedding, 4-5 weeks before, 3 weeks before, 2 weeks before, 3 days before and 1-2 days before.
Last but not least a page to make notes of what you would do different next time.